Mykonos, Greece

I spent 5 days in Mykonos and it was everything I expected and more.

When I asked people in Greece, where to visit, they’ll usually say Corfu or Crete. Mykonos never seems to be at the top of the list. It may seem like a tourist trap to some, but there are so many things that the island has to offer than the picturesque areas that are packed during the summer.

If you didn’t know me last summer, then you probably didn’t hear about the party-girl side of me. For almost two or three months I was either hung over, drinking or smoking. I honestly don’t regret a single moment. Some of my most valuable lessons came from my endless nights of partying and some of my favourite people in this world came from those same nights. Even if I was reckless at times and spent way too much money, it was something that I needed to do. I had the worst time in high-school and I left Canada only 10 days after I turned 18, so I treated myself by letting go of any responsibility for that period. It felt so DAMN good and I deserved those months when I was extremely happy and care-free. If I really look back, there are some bad and upsetting moments that I would’ve totally avoided by not being as friendly or as trusting, but all in all, it was the best summer I ever had.

Mykonos was insane. Even if I didn’t party as hard as I would have last summer, it was definitely one of the most beautiful and lively islands I’ve visited in my entire life. The locals were so friendly, despite their crazy roads and somewhat scary driving habits. Though almost everything you did cost some money and there were waiters obsessed with trying to get you to eat at their restaurant, they were still extremely welcoming. I understand how annoying it can be to live in a place that people visit without understanding anything about their culture or language, so it was amazing that they treated almost everyone with the same amount of acceptance. A few people on the streets visiting from other countries were completely ignorant of the Greek culture and it was easy to see when a Greek didn’t like it. Here’s a hint; it involved many eye rolls and blind stares.

The beach bars in Mykonos were wild. I didn’t go to any clubs inside the town, but I was told that it’s easy enough to find your way around and it’s easily a great time. Two of my American friends came with me to Mykonos and they experienced the clubs better than I did. I could tell they had a lot of fun. We all went to Paradise Beach during the second day and everyone started drinking at 3 pm. Later into the day, when I was somewhat drunk, I actually saw a new family at the beach. At first, I was a bit confused why they would bring their newborn since half-naked girls were dancing on the tables! The music was blaring and it wasn’t Vivaldi or anything that could be soothing for the child. This was the typical pop and hip-hop music that you drink and dance to and their kid was definitely the youngest one there by far. The place was crawling with locals and tourists, with decent prices for food and drinks. No offense to the American guys out there who can control themselves while drinking, but a few beers later these few guys came up and sat in our booth. We introduced ourselves and they instantly started pouring drinks for us. These guys were complete dumb-asses and once again, totally ignorant of everything else but themselves. I don’t need to continue talking about them because I’m sure you can imagine what they’re like when I say the most of these guys were what I’d call Meatheads.

The day after we went to Paradise Beach we went to check out the famous windmills and Little Venice. Some streets were crowded, yes, but they were unique to Greece. The white and blue and the architecture of the town was astounding. Narrow streets here and there that were simply meant for pedestrians and numerous flowers and plants blooming from the cracks. One of the best things that day was finding a restaurant that was all natural and had vegan options (Nice n easy, it’s also located in Athens!). The food was fantastic, and at the end, we all got a free shot! The Greeks I know who work at the “Kiosks” in the streets tend to give out shots sometimes if you’re buying alcohol. To those who haven’t been to Athens yet, you must know that there are tiny corner stores where only one or two people working can stand inside. You can find them all over the place in Athens. Some of them are open 24/7 and even on holidays. It’s the go to place when supermarkets are closed and when you have no food.

One thing I learned about going to another island in Greece last November is that during the off-season it can be tough to find anything that’s open. Luckily there was no problem this time when it came to restaurants and shops being open. I met one local at the villa we stayed in and he took me around the island and showed me some of the best beaches since he knew the owners of them. They were incredible! Just like last summer in Venice or when I was in Crete, there was this overwhelming sense of serenity near and in the water. Especially at nighttime, when it’s clear you can see the stars reflecting off the sea and shining in the sky.

We decide to rent a quad after returning the rental car. I would suggest to anyone who’s going to a Greek island that it’s essential to have some sort of motorised vehicle for even a day to get the experience of driving there. We took the quad up this one tall hill and it was hard to know if it was going to make it all the way up. At one point it felt like we were going to flip but thankfully it didn’t happen. Since I’m only 18, I wasn’t able to drive the car, and technically I wasn’t supposed to drive the quad… I did it anyway. It was a big adrenaline rush while driving on one of the main roads. Not only because you’re going up and downhill, but because there were normally cars and motorcycles swerving in and out of traffic on the roads.

I was able to find my relaxation and party all in this cute island stuck in the middle of the Cyclades. This was my second trip to an island in Greece and I hope that I will be able to see the rest of Greece one day. And to Mykonos, I will be back in the future!

Street in Mykonos Town
The villa I stayed at in Ftelia, Mykonos
Beautiful scenery and clear water on the Northern coast
Another church and the beautiful blue sky
Cats are everywhere in Greece! Sipping pretty from the pool.
Admiring the view

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